Flamenco sin Fronteras… “beyond the border”: host a screening and new shootings

Fernando De La Morena, cantaor, uno de los protagonistas
Fernando De La Morena, cantaor, one of the main charachters

Flamenco sin Fronteras, documentary project about flamenco and its protagonists, goes ahead with a double proposal:

  1. to screen in premiere the first film “Flamenco sin Fronteras” all over the world;
  2. to realize a second documentary of a series, “beyond the border of Andalusia and Spain”.

1. “Flamenco is unfinished”, says the musician Jorge Pardo in the film, and also Flamenco sin Fronteras, as an incremental project, would like to continue to be offered with something new in each projection. The first documentary of the series, shot in Andalusia, has been presented as a rough cut at the flamenco festival in Jerez and Pamplona, and in a second version at the Arte Flamenco Festival in Mont-deMarsan (France). In 2023, to celebrate 10 years from the start of the project, a new version is expected, for screenings in premiere all over the world, realizing each one as an original event (like all the times that flamenco is given live), with the director who can come to participate at debates after the film screening.

2. To realize a series on “a living art without borders”, the proposal is to take advantage of the tour of the first documentary to film performances, interviews and fragments of life of the protagonists of flamenco outside of Andalucia and Spain, to show in a second documentary how other protagonists of flamenco live it and are developing it in regions and environments different from those of its origin, and how they interact with spanish artists.

Conditions to organize the double proposal

1. Screening of the first documentary Flamenco sin Fronteras:

  • cinema, theater or other type of projection room, with projector and amplification
  • organization and promotion of the screening by the ones who invite
  • offer travel, accommodation and meals for the director
  • to guarantee a screening fee to support the production of the documentary series
  • possibility of distributing copies of the documentary and / or announcing its online distribution

2. Filming for a second documentary “beyond the border”

  • to collaborate in the search and contact with artists and fans before and during the director’s travel, and for the organization of interviews and recordings on the ground during flamenco live sessions, classes, rehearsals and other parts of the protagonists’ lives
  • to collaborate in the search of funding sources of cultural institutions, cinema funds, private sponsors, as a form of support and participation to the production

What the director offers in exchange:

  • poster and flyer of the documentary to update with data of the projection and logo of the organizer
  • on the website www.flamencosinfronteras.net, logo and link to the sponsor’s website, and in case that it is a festival or a cultural event, news to promote it
  • acknowledgments on the web and in external communications
  • in the documentaries: visibility to artists, festivals, clubs, academies, organizations

Information about the project and available documentation:

1 – project dossier: https://flamencosinfronteras.net/en/dossier/

2 – a 3 minutes video trailer: https://flamencosinfronteras.net/en/trailer-flamenco-sin-fronteras/

3 – poster and flyer of the documentary in jpg version for the web and pdf A3 / A4 and A6 for printing (information about place, date and sponsorships can be changed for future projections)

4 – photo of the poster and of other protagonists

More information and support:

The website www.flamencosinfronteras.net is the official source of information about the documentary, in English, Spanish, Italian and French.

The project is totally independent and can be supported with a donation in exchange for the streaming vision of the first documentary.

Thank you!



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