Flamenco & Sherry sin Fronteras: a route in Jerez on the traces of the protagonists of my documentaries

FLAMENCO_SHERRY_ROUTE_CUT3Discover the local culture with an original visit, with particular focus on flamenco and sherry wine, with a walking tour from the neighborhood of Santiago to that of San Miguel, through the historic center, while I tell you about some of the artists interviewed for my documentary Flamenco sin Fronteras and talk you about the typical wines of the area, protagonists in my reportages. We will stop in the most significant places of my visits and shootings, we will also talk about art, history, horses, fairs, Holy Week, and other aspects of Andalusian culture, with the possibility of ending the tour in a winery – museum or in a tavern for a wine and tapas tasting and / or to live a flamenco show. I will also give you some information based on my experiences, to continue independently your knowledge of Jerez and its surroundings. For more information and to be accompanied in a personalized visit: info[at]flamencosinfronteras.net

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