“Singing is more beautiful, even if it’s with pain”, the great flamenco artist Manuel Molina passes to another life

I met Manuel Molina in Vejer de La Frontera, during a performance with his daughter Alba at the bar La Bien Paga. And I’ve interviewed him after his concert in the bathroom, because there was too much noise in the concert hall. Occasionally he drank from a glass of whiskey, but it looked like it had the whole world in his hand while he was telling me many things about flamenco, his life and his art. Or about the art of living.

Manuel Molina entrevista en el baño de La Bien Paga copyrightManuel Molina was one of the most important flamenco artists and passed to another life today, May 19, at the age of 67 years, for advanced cancer discovered few months ago and for which he refused invasive medical treatments, preferring to deal with the disease remaining at his home in San Juan de Aznalfarache (Seville) and continuing to live in his own way as he always did.

Born in Ceuta in 1948, son of the guitarist “el Encajero”, he moved to the neighborhood of Triana in Seville with his parents as a child. During his career he also experimented with rock and electronic music in the group Smash and in 1975 he married Dolores Montoya, Lole, belonging to one of the most genuine flamenco sagas. They started an artistic life that revolutionized cante jondo from the album “Nuevo Dia (New Day)”, that mixes flamenco with hippie music, lyrics about peace and love, and Arabs reminiscences, starting a genre that then would be called flamenco fusion, and revolutioning this art along with figures like the singer Camaón de la Isla and the guitarist Paco de Lucia.

I regret that he is gone before meeting him again and showing him the part of the film that involves him. But that night he was singing: “No one should cry, when I will die, it’s beautiful to sing, even if with pain”. So I just want to thank Manuel for that meeting, and to let him sing again through my recordings.

See some of that magical night in this video, and if you want to see more, please support the production of the documentary Flamenco sin Fronteras, read the “project” section to learn more and how to donate. Only with your participation I will carry on this film so hard to finish, dedicated to a lot of artists like Molina.


Thanks so much Manuel for your art, and to everyone who will support this project.

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