At last a useful tool to learn about the culture of flamenco beyond stereotypes and trivialities! That’s why I support the production of Flamenco sin Fronteras documentary.

Barbara Giacometti, teacher of Spanish language and literature, donor

Read the complete dossier and watch the trailer (3 minutes). Support this independent production with a free donation and I will thank you personally and quote you (if you like) as a sponsor. If you donate at least 20 , I’ll send you an High Definition file of the feature film.

The necessary production budget (travels expenses, months of research, life and shooting in Andalusia, editing of an enourmous amount of hours of video I shot, is estimated in at least 10.000 €. With a lot of little donations, you and other people can become my producers, letting me cover the expenses I anticipated, or you can support the distribution from 2018, covering diffusion expenses (subtitling, promotion, festivals submissions, etc.), organizing a local screening or proposing a tv broadcasting.

To donate by Paypal and credit card, click:

To donate by bank transfer, IBAN: IT11P0892221500000000822056 


For more information, propose a cinema or educational screening or tv broadcasting: info[at]

the persons in charge of the shooting locations

Festival de Jerez y Teatro Villamarta
Fiesta de la bulería, Jerez
International Flamenco Institute, Jerez
Librería Flamencos de Tombuctú, Jerez
Tablao El Lagar del Tio Parrilla, Jerez
Peña Los Cernicalos, Jerez
Tabanco El Pasaje, Jerez
La Gitanería, Jerez
Peña Luis de La Pica, Jerez
Fiesta por la Luna de San Juan, Jerez
Centro Andalúz del Flamenco, Jerez
La Guarida del Ángel, Jerez
Bar Damajuana, Jerez
Casa de La Guitarra, Sevilla
Bar La Bien Pagá, Vejer de La Frontera
Academia de baile Juan Parra, Jerez
Sala Compañía, Jerez
Bar Arriate, Jerez
Estudio de baile de La Farruca, Sevilla
Estudio de baile de Farruquito, Sevilla
Festival Flamenco on Fire, Pamplona
Hotel 3 Reyes, Pamplona
Teatro Gayarre, Pamplona
Festival de Cante “El Búcaro”, San José de la Rinconada (Sevilla)
Bar Corral de Esquivel, Sevilla
Bar Casa Gabriela, Jerez
Havana Café, Jerez
La Sevillania, sala rociera, Sevilla
Sala Paúl, Jerez

the first ones supporting the documentary

Leonor Leal
Maria Barbara Giacometti
Davide Ciardi
Simone Liuzzo
Luisa Ricca
Kaija Virta
Peter Borremans
Mir y Jamal Masud-Elias


my family

all the people who collaborated and are collaborating


to the art of the people I met, hoping to continue sharing it with them, in some place, without frontiers

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