28th and 30th of July: Flamenco sin Fronteras pre-premiere in Finland, at Tampere Flamenco Week festival

2016_FLAMENCOsinFRONTERAS_banner TAMPEREOn the 28th and 30th of July I will have the honor to screen my documentary Flamenco sin Fronteras in Tampere, Finland, during “Flamenco Week”, the most important nordic festival dedicated to this living art. This presentation of the first version of the film is a premiere outside of Spain and in the next days I will announce how to get a personal copy online and support this independent production. In Finland I’m starting another part of the project about flamenco outside of Andalusia, where the first documentary of the series was filmed, and where I still live, in Jerez de La Frontera. I have already been to Helsinki in the first half of april, invited by a group of bailaoras known in march at the Jerez Festival, and in the finnish capital I started shooting the first images with local artists.

These are the links on the festival Flamenco Week website to the news of the double presentation in Tampere on 28th and 30th of July:



I make a call to those artists who will be present at the Tampere festival to participate in this second shooting session on flamenco in Finland and to all fans, because through the presence at the screening and/or by donations through the site they could support the production costs of the first documentary (anticipated from me as an independent filmmaker and producer), its distribution (to manage festivals screening fees, dvd production, and to set a platform for downloading) and the realization of the second film of the series. This next ambitious project is in the process of “writing” and my shots would deal also with other countries in the world, in each one looking for at least one main character who dedicates his/her life to flamenco, to show how this art has spread and developed beyond its own place of origin. I am seeking co-financing in the various states in which I will be able to present the first movie, to shoot images for the making of the second. I already have some pilot videos realized as well as in Finland also in Germany and Russia, and contacts under way for future shooting sessions in Italy, Belgium, Britain, France, Czech Republic. And I would be glad I could organize an international co-production, to include artists who live in the United States, Brazil and Japan.

But in the meantime … thank you to Tampere Flamenco Week organizers. See you in Finland at the end of july!

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