21st of February 2019, Jerez OFF Festival, projection of a new version of Flamenco sin Fronteras

Thursday, February 21st, at 21, a new version of the documentary Flamenco sin Fronteras screened with the presence of the author, at the opening of the Jerez OFF Festival, at the club Guarida del Ángel, where you can buy tickets, or online at this link: http://laguaridadelangel.es/producto/flamenco-sin-fronteras-21-02-19/

Thank you to this media for publishing news on the event:

La Voz del Sur: https://www.lavozdelsur.es/un-italiano-en-la-ciudad-del-flamenco/

Guía Flama: https://www.guiaflama.com/agenda-flamenco/proyeccion-del-documental-con-presencia-del-autor-flamenco-sin-fronteras-de-filippo-ciardi/

Jerez Jondo: http://www.jerezjondo.com/2019/02/20/el-documental-flamenco-sin-fronteras-de-filippo-ciardi-abre-el-off-de-la-guarida/

Deflamenco.com: https://www.deflamenco.com/agenda-flamenco/jerez-off-festival-la-guarida-del-angel


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