2nd of march: pre premiere of Flamenco sin Fronteras in Jerez Festival

Juan Parra per Flamenco sin FronterasI am very pleased to invite you to the debut of the first version of my documentary Flamenco sin Fronteras, at the Jerez Festival of flamenco, on the 2nd of March at 17, in the Sala Compañia. Tickets on sale there for 5 euros, starting from 16. The screening will last 1 hour and a half, in original Spanish language, English subtitled. Spread this invitation and the link to the official news. Donate so that i can finish the production and face the distribution and promotion process and gain a copy of the movie. Thanks! More information about the project in www.flamencosinfronteras.net.

In the picture: the master of baile Juan Parra, one of more than 50 characters of the movie.

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