This is the website of “Flamenco sin Fronteras” documentary, and in this page you can read the project dossier or download it in pdf: Flamenco sin fronteras dossier 2018 EN

DOSSIER “Flamenco sin Fronteras” (Flamenco without Borders)

A research on the sense of a living art and about its protagonists in Andalusia

Documentary © Filippo Ciardi, independent director and producer


Flamenco sin Fronteras is a documentary about the meaning of flamenco, in which 40 protagonists show the different ways of living it and also its and their contradictions, through live performances, personal testimonies and experiences, in constant tension between traditions and contemporaneity. The movie is a journey made ​​of intense meetings with andalusian, spanish and foreigner artists and fans, who reveal themselves in various contexts, from big events like Jerez and Pamplona flamenco festivals, to more intimate places like clubs, bars, homes, and at different times of the year. These protagonists show through their music and a rich debate that flamenco is a living art without borders.

Directors’s note

The project’s objective is to provide a rich and multi-faceted portrait of flamenco today, through the different faces of its protagonists, in the places of origin and evolution of this art. The documentary shows the different music elements of flamenco, such as singing, dancing, guitar playing, but also its subjective, cultural and social aspects. The characters testify that flamenco has continued to be over time a living art, popular in Andalusia and, paraphrasing the various Andalusian cities “de la Frontera”, beyond these so-called geographic and symbolic “frontiers”. Flamenco has currently an international success and has been declared Immaterial Heritage of Humanity. But what is flamenco really? What is the value of belonging to its culture of origin, now that it is practiced all over the world? Is it possible to teach and learn flamenco? Why it is like a faith and is lived with so much fascination? To these and other questions, the protagonists of the documentary try to answer.

Protagonists (complete list here)

Among the protagonists there are people of great experience, like dance masters José Galván and Juan Parra, the singers Fernando de la Morena and José de Los Camarones, the guitarists Paco Cepero and Pepe Habichuela, representatives of family sagas of bailaores like La Farruca and Farruquito, and also two important artists passed to another life during the editing, like Juan Moneo Lara El Torta and Manuel Molina. They and others confront themselves with younger artists like the singer Rocío Marquéz, the dancer Leonor Leal and the guitarists Dani Moron and Juan Diego Mateos, with eclectic musicians like the flutist Jorge Pardo and the orchestra director Paco Suárez, and also with non spanish artists and the dancers “with different capacity” of José Galan’s dance company.

Technical data

Duration of the documentary, 2018 version: 1 hour and 44 minutes, in 3 parts plus a prologue and epilogue.
Dialogues in Spanish original language with English subtitles (and soon in French and Italian).
Format: video is 16:9 full HD 1920×1080 pixels, 25 frames per second progressive, sound is stereo. Encoding format can be ProRes 422 or h264 in .mov or .mp4 file.
Direction, photography, camera, sound, production: Filippo Ciardi. Camera and editing assistant: Stefano Liuzzo. Logo: Elena Clari. Graphic designer: Sharon Neirynck.


3 minutes trailer link:

Director’s biography

Film director and freelance journalist, sociocultural project manager, musician. Projects: “Through the Alps”, feature film made with Giancarlo Bertalero, award as “best Italian documentary” at the 2016 Cinemambiente festival in Turin; short film “Amazónicas” participant in the DocuExprés contest of the festival Alcances 2016 in Cádiz; short film “Lustro de Vino y Alegría” produced by Tabanco Plateros in Jerez; audiovisual series “Io non discrimino” for a project of social cooperatives against labor discrimination; in search of a producer for a documentary about the reconstruction after the earthquake in L’Aquila. Journalist: reporter for more than 15 years for the weekly magazine Toscana Oggi; videoreportages for the La Stampa newspaper website; reports on wine and brandy from Jerez for the enology magazine Euposia / Italian Wine Journal. Several years communication and fundraising coordinator for different NGOs. Graduated in economics with a thesis in international cooperation.

Contacts and support for the production and distribution

Flamenco sin Fronteras is an independent and “incremental” project. In 2018, presentation of a version in international premiere for film festivals, televisions and online on demand. In work in progress other 2 versions: one for tv channels, and a series in 3 or more parts.

In search of economic support for an international distribution (screenings in cinemas and television broadcasting) and of a producer for a second documentary about flamenco outside of Spain (first images recorded with some flamenco artists mainly in Finland, and also in Estonia, Russia and Germany).

See the double proposal of a “tour beyond the border” in all the world, for screenings and new shootings (here the detailed proposal).

You can support the production with a donation, suggested at least 20 euros, and ask to see the movie in streaming.

Contacts for information:

+34 six84120101 (es) / +39 three28 6789849 (it), info[at]

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